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Mr. Krieger prepares students for business projects by creating advertisements according Maslow's hierarchy of needs

The overarching goal of the English department is to prepare students to be successful at the college level by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the English language. At all grade levels, reading, writing, speaking, and analytical thinking will be emphasized and assessed. We believe these skills will help strengthen students’ ability to interpret the world around them.

During their English studies at Saint Paul American School, students begin by mastering the foundations of English composition, and progressively move to a variety of specific writing, speaking, and literature courses. Students will analyze and respond to a wide range of literary texts that encompass a global perspective, with an emphasis on highly energetic, discussion-based learning experiences.

Along with the core English curriculum, each student must also enroll in at least one Speech course. The purpose of this requirement is aimed at helping students build confidence, refine verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and, ultimately, be able to successfully deliver a wide variety of practical speeches.

Students are also encouraged to engage in programs like Student Newsletter, Yearbook, and Creative Writing contests. These extracurricular pursuits provide students the opportunity to experiment with their writing skills and deepen their understanding in unique settings.

Ultimately, we hope to instill in our students a love of literature, as well as the confidence to communicate effectively.