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Academics-Social Studies

Published : 2016/1/8 13:31:42    Views: 924

Social Studies

The Social Studies Department at St. Paul American School offers Government, History, Geography, and Economics classes that seek to prepare students to become educated global citizens. As students progress through their course of study at St. Paul American School, the department hopes that students will be made aware of various cultures and understand how they have developed over time.

Students begin with the foundational courses of Geography and American Government. These courses provide a framework for both American and World History, with culminating courses analyzing economic principles that drive current industrial markets.

Along with the standard Social Studies curriculum, students also have the opportunity to enroll in Social Studies electives, which include Current Events and Social Issues. These courses allow students to read and discuss real-world news events, case studies, and legal proceedings, thereby furthering their understanding of how the world functions as a global community.

Finally, the model UN is a great opportunity for students to come together to collaborate and discuss contemporary world issues.

The overarching goal of the department is to provide students with the skill set necessary to help them become informed decision-makers that will them to make a positive impact in the world.