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Academic-Fine Arts

Published : 2016/1/8 13:34:47    Views: 618

Fine Arts

Student hard at work in art class

The Fine Arts Department at Saint Paul American School is comprised of Art, Music, and Drama programs. The underlying theme that drives this curriculum revolves around creative expression.

In order to graduate, all students will complete a minimum of 2 course credits (1 year) throughout their Fine Arts studies; however, most students opt to continue to pursue their passion by selecting elective courses in this content area.

Along with student creation, students will also be exposed to a wide variety of multicultural music, performances, and art, allowing them to analyze and respond to unique cultural and historical trends in a variety of forms.

The arts program is dedicated to allowing students opportunities for self-discovery and development, and hopes to foster an appreciation for art in all of its unique forms. Students will leave with a new understanding of art and how it affects each and every one of us.