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Yantai Aihua Bilingual School, located in Kaifa District, Yantai, is a major initiative that the Yantai Municipal Government has taken to introduce high-quality educational resources to the Yantai municipal area and to enhance the educational level of Yantai. As the hosting party of the school, Yantai Aihua Bilingual School entrusts the operations and administration of Yantai International School from the  Second Elementary to High School in Yantai. By introducing high-quality educational resources, advanced educational values, and outstanding faculty members, we aim to make Yantai Aihua Bilingual School a top-rated modern from elementary to high school characterized by a globalized education. 
       Saint Paul American School Program is an international school founded by Yantai Aihua Bilingual School in collaboration with NACEL International School System. The program is aimed at providing authentic high-quality US curriculum to both foreign students in Yantai and Chinese students planning on studying in the US in the future. All teachers are experienced certified teachers from the United States. 
With standard American high school educational system at its core, Saint Paul American School Program in Yantai employs original textbooks imported directly from the US and experienced American teachers. We provide customized education based on the different learning styles and preferences of foreign students and Chinese students. 
       We sincerely welcome applications from students with a globalized vision!

Introduction to our overseas partner: Nacel International School System

Nacel International School System is a “franchise-styled” international school enterprise under Nacel Open Door. Based on the American educational system, Nacel International School System has established American-styled quality schools across the globe. By far, we have successfully established affiliated schools and programs in the US, China, France, Korea, Turkey, the Philippines, Poland, and Vietnam.

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