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Based on the standard American curriculum, Saint Paul American Program has integrated certain features of Chinese courses and formed a unique international curriculum.

American curriculum:6 credit hours/day (Taught by certified American teachers with original US textbooks)


Course Name

Regular Curriculum

◆ English:•English Composition •Academic Writing •Communication Skills •Creative Writing

•American Literature •World Literature •Speech •Journalism writing- Newsletter

◆ Social Studies:•American Government •Geography •World History •US History •Economics •Social Issues •Current Events

◆ Mathematics:•Pre-Algebra •Algebra I •Geometry •Algebra II •Pre-calculus •Calculus

◆ Science:•General Science •Physical Science •Biology •Environmental Science •Chemistry •Physics

◆ Arts:•Art •Advanced Art •Beginning Band •Symphonic Band •Drama •Music •World Music

 Information Services:•Information Technology •Digital Art •Web Development

AP courses

•AP Chemistry •AP Physics• AP World History •AP Chinese


•Badminton •Basketball •Soccer •Tennis •Table Tennis •Swimming

Chinese curriculum:2 credit hours/day
Main Courses: Chinese, HSK, Chinese History, Chinese Geography, Chinese Culture and Art, etc.

Other Courses:SAT、TOEFL、College Prep、PE、Health

We adopt a flexible American class schedule; each student is assigned to take courses most compatible with their language and academic abilities. Every student has an individualized schedule to achieve our goal of “educating students in accordance with their aptitude” and to help all students reach their full potentials.