Admissions Hotline

Work Hours:8:00—20:00
(Monday Through Sunday)

2017-2018 Admission Plan :

Grade 6: 8 spots

Grade 7:10 spots

Grade 8: 10 spots

Grade 9: 5 spots

Grade 10:16 spots

Grade 11: 6 spots

Applicants of all nationalities, ethnicities, and religions are encouraged to apply.

Admissions Questions:If you have any questions regarding admission and application, please call or email our admissions office.

School visits:
please contact us to make an appointment at least two business days before the requested visit.

Reception Available : 8:00—17:00 Monday through Friday

How to apply?

You can apply online, by phone, or through email.

School Entrance Exam

All applicants are required to take the school entrance exam administered by our school.

The school entrance exam includes three parts:

1. MAP Test:This is an 1-hour exam in English that tests the applicant’s adacemic aptitude. Tested subjects include English, Math, and Science.

2. English Level Test:This is an 1-hour exam that tests English listening, reading, writing, and grammatical abilities. The test can be waived for applicants from English-speaking countries (Applicant’s native language must be English), and applicants with a TOEFL score of 70 or above.

3. English Interview:The interview lasts around 30 minutes, and is intended to help us learn about applicants’ English communication skills, personality, and emotional disposition.

Test Mode:one-on-one tess; the school entrance exam can be taken any time during our business hours, please make an appointment at least 2 days before your arrival.

Admission Requirements:

1.Passing the School Entrance Exam and the English Interview
2. Transcript from the past three years (The transcript must be in both Chinese and English);Chinese applicants who have taken the Chinese Senior High School Entrance Exam (Zhongkao) must also provide their test cards and exam score reports.
3. Complete Application Form
4. A copy of passport if applicable

Admissions Office Contact:

Tel: 086-185-6111-5288(Chinese and English)