Admissions Hotline

Work Hours:8:00—20:00
(Monday Through Sunday)

Saint Paul American School in Yantai is a boarding international high school. We provide a full range of learning and living facilities for students, including teaching buildings, multi-media classrooms, labs, a library, a stadium, outdoor fields, dormitories, a school cafeteria, on-campus shops.

Student Dormitory:Three students per room with a desk and a closet for each student; There is a bathroom, a telephone and Internet connection in each room. There are a few two-student dorm rooms, and those who are interested in this type of rooms are required to apply. Applicants will be put on the waiting list and will be assigned a two-student dorm based on application order when a spot comes up.

Student Cafeteria:Standard buffet provided. (Western, Chinese, and Korean style)

E-card:Each student will be given an e-card as their student idenfication card, the card is used for entering and leaving school and dorm, access to library, and purchases in on-campus shops.